Personal Budget Tracker

$ 25.00 

This personal budget tracker streamlines financial management, ensuring you maintain control without feeling overwhelmed. With intuitive features like quick entry buttons and customizable filtering options, tracking expenses becomes effortless, empowering you to stay on top of your finances with ease.

Contacts AI v1.0

$ 0.00 

This mobile-friendly app lets you quickly connect and follow-up instantly with others. Capture contact info from them with the dynamically generated QR code on your phone, then send a quick auto-generated message (you can edit).

Wedding Timelines

$ 10.00 

Keep track of your upcoming appointments, pre-wedding events and most importantly, plan out your wedding day timeline.

Wedding Guests

$ 10.00 

Effortlessly manage your guest list, RSVPs, and seating chart.

Wedding Budget

$ 10.00 

Stay on budget by keeping track of your wedding costs and upcoming payments.

Wedding Research

$ 15.00 

Streamline your vendor selection process and track all your wedding vendor research in one place.

Conscious Spending Plan

$ 9.00 

From Ramit Sethi's "I Will Teach You To Be Rich," this tool will help you align your spending and saving habits.

Goal Tracker and Planner

$ 17.00 

Use the Coda Goal Tracker and Planner to start planning and achieve your dream life today.

Relationship Tracker

$ 16.00 

Your personal and professional network must be nurtured, but as your networks grow, it becomes more difficult. This Coda doc is a great step forward in being intentional about maintaining and cultivating your all-important relationships.

Nomad Planner

$ 17.00 

Being a nomad is exciting but planning everything you need for your next trip... not so much.